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Daft Punk (not Busta Rhymes...)

singsomelyrical in dot_race_snark2

We won't stop snarking 'tll all the stupid runs dry!

Questions and Answers about dot_race_snark2.

Q. What is a snark?

A. Wikipedia knows all.

Q. What is racism?

A. Racism = Power + Prejudice.

Q. So wait? Minorities can't be racist?

A. No. Minorities can be bigoted, prejudice and assholes but racism is systematic. Until minorities control the system, they can not use their prejudice to deny you a job or a place to live. If you'd like to know more, debunkingwhite is this way.

Q. Why do you use the Wikipedia definition of snark and not ther definition of racism?

I think the problem stems from the fact that people often say the word racism when they should use the word prejudice. It's wrong to be prejudice regardless of your color. However, prejudice by itself isn't the issue. Racism is when people use their prejudice to systematically oppress another race. Meaning, if your current prejudice is upheld by the government and/or social structure of your society then it poses more of a danger to those on the receiving end. There are several definitions of racism. Wikipedia, however, was written by users on the internet who often make the same mistake in confusing the words prejudice and racism. While it might be a easy tool for a harmless definition, for a topic as extensive as race it can hardly be the definitive answer.

Q. Race doesn't exist.

A. That isn't a question.

Q. Race doesn't exist so aren't you snarking something that isn't real?

A. Race might not exist biologically but it's a very real social construct that has affected the lives of people throughout time. Regardless of how real it is, it's here.

Q. How do you judge who joins dot_race_snark2?

A. We look at mutual friends, communities you join, some of your journal posts, icons and basically anything that would give us a warning sign as to whether you should be allowed into a POC safe space.

Q. What can get you banned?

A. Being a racist, a troll, a coon or generally pissing off the community and/or moderators is the fastest way to be banned from dot_race_snark2 This is a place for POC to talk freely. We don't condone bullshit. If someone is out of line, tell a mod and it will be dealt with. Oh, and if we've dealt with you before, you've been pre-banned. KTHNX.

Q. Can you make an exception?

A. Sure, just for you. Since you're such a special snowflake.

Q. Why do you hate [insert name of user or community here] so much?

A. If we reference a user or community often, it probably mean that they were a racist asshole or a clueless minority and we're still chuckling about it. I plan to start using tags more often so people can find the LOLz a lot easier.

Q. I'm a minority and I think you should stop hating on white people so much.

A. I'm sorry, it's a bit early for my daily dose of Vitamin Coon.

Q. I got snarked and I don't think it's funny.

A. And?

Q. Aren't you guys racist for calling me a crackerasscracker?

A. No. Calling you a crackerasscracker isn't racism. Nor is it the same as calling someone a nigger. Know what it is? Fucking hilarious, that's what.

Q. Why do you lock your community? Are you chickenshit or something?

A. Hardly. We lock the community in order to keep it a safe place for POC to talk without having to deal with racist trolls every five minutes. We have to deal with ignorance in real life and in every other community. God forbid we keep one place on the internet free of bigotry.

Q. What the fuck is your problem?

A. I wasn't hugged enough as a child. Also, I think my daddy was the mailman. Aside from that, my problem is the way people dismiss and excuse racism in their lives instead of confronting it. Here, we confront. But mostly we laugh and point because if it wasn't funny it would be infuriating. Get educated elsewhere.

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