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you know you want the hat

cumaeansibyl in dot_race_snark2


This post will remain public so that everyone can see it. New rules will be added as they come. Suggestions welcome.

last updated 20 December 2006

1. No trolling personal journals. At all. This isn't limited to posting insults or dirty pictures; I mean don't go over to people's personal journals and start ANY kind of discussion whatsoever, period.

2. Related to the above: no linking to posts made in personal journals. It's just asking for trouble, because some people can't control themselves and others don't want to.

3. Acceptable and unacceptable use of racially-charged language will be determined by the moderators. Language is difficult to police in a forum about race because many POC reclaim usage of words that are hurtful, so we will have to consider intent and context when making these decisions. If you have a problem with what someone says, please let us know and we will investigate the situation, but don't expect much sympathy if you get called a cracker. Oh, and white people don't get to say the n-word, so don't even try it.

4. Moderators reserve the right to ban whomever they wish, for whatever reason they wish, without warning. While this isn't meant to be a happy and positive place, if you make a habit of starting drama for no good reason, don't be surprised if you find yourself booted. We are not what you'd call patient, forgiving people, even on a good day.

5. Moderators reserve the right to reject community membership for reasons including but not limited to: friends-only journal, newly-created journal, no friends, known troll/racist friends, membership in racist communities, past drama creation in other communities, or not liking your face. If you get rejected and you think you shouldn't have been, screaming at us won't help, but a polite and courteous letter may very well make us reconsider. If a community member can vouch for you, that will also help.

6. There is no rule 6. We've run out.



Aye aye, Captain.
black friends

December 2006

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